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Facebook's black mode is available on the web, so you can use it




Facebook redesign

Facebook has been working on redesigning its anonymous social network for a few years. From the company's products to its applications, everything gets a facelift for leaving the public left on a platform full of errors in the privacy, which has left the company's reputation far more adept. For this reason, it is not surprising that they take advantage enter some of the most requested options for users, as in black mode.

Let's face it, there are many who like dark mode. Not only is it a slightly refreshing creation of the look of the menus we are familiar with, but also it allows us to relax our eyes a bit when we have a screen with pure black like OLEDs. And now, Facebook users can also start taking advantage of its benefits. Yes, right now not in the iPhone app, but in the kind of web site we can get from our browser.

As Facebook announced a while ago, a Facebook link on the web is about to change, bet on something very simple and friendly. It's in this new version, which was first distributed a few days ago, where we can work in black mode. To do this, we simply have to go to the options menu next to our profile and check if we have the option to switch to the new Facebook architecture.

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If we are lucky, we will have the opportunity to access the new interface, and after doing so we can work in black mode by going to the updated version of the same options menu that we previously found and choosing Black Mode. Easy, right? The only downside is that this option not yet available to everyone, and you probably can't try it yet. But don't worry, shipping is in progress, and will be coming to your account soon.


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