Ferrite is a highly recommended application for anyone who does audio editing on iPad and iPhone, such as podcasting, and thanks to its advanced tools and excellent support shown with details such as that it's already compatible with the trackpad and mouse from our iPad.

If you are looking for an audio editing tool and GarageBand, Apple's free app, is not enough for you, you definitely should look for Ferrite. It's a very accurate audio editing tool, completely translated to the iOS and iPadOS touchpad, and now also fully compatible with the trackpad and mouse after the latest update. Because any app supports mouse and trackpad control when you've upgraded to iPadOS 13.4, but In order to achieve full compatibility with different gestures and keystrokes, it is necessary for the applications to be compatible

with an update. After this update you can use the mouse or trackpad to be able to move around tracks, scroll, drag audio tracks, perform tasks such as cutting, pasting, etc.

Ferrite has advanced editing tools but at the same time a very easy-to-read app to use in a few minutes you can edit your podcast episode. It also has a book within the application where all its tools are clearly defined. The application is free, so you can download to check it out

even though there are limits to some activities. If you want to use it with all of its tools, you can buy the “Pro” version for in-app purchases for the price of € 32.99. And a one-time payment, no yearly subscriptions or the like. You can download it in its iPhone and iPad version at this link.