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Fixit disassembles iPad Pro 2020 that guarantees 6 GB of RAM and other improvements





A few weeks ago Apple released the fourth-generation iPad Pro on the market with some exciting new features. The new tablet has a dual camera, LiDAR scanners, 6 GB of RAM and compatible with Magic Keyboard with trackpad.

Today since Fixit They wanted to distribute the 2020 iPad Pro to look at all these hardware components within the device.

In this article we will highlight some interesting points from Apple's iFixit analysis of Apple's 2020 iPad Pro. Will we get started?

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New iPad Pro 2020 hardware

The first thing iFixit has noticed, is the new system of cameras and LiDAR scanners. We're talking about a 10 MP camera module with 12 MPs and LiDAR sensors that will give a completely new experience to real-life applications

LiDAR sensors heat a laser that is invisible to the materials used in the Pro environment to create a 3d map and measure distances with accuracy. Virtual expandable applications use this map to map virtual objects in the real world.

In this image you can see a comparison of the images showing the invisible points of the LiDAR sensors and the sensor ID:


"LiDAR does not require specification like Face ID because it analyzes an object, it does not reveal a person's face."

You can see iFixit's full review of iPad Pro hardware in the following video:

In fact, the new 2020 iPad Pro does not make much difference compared to the previous generation of 2018. It has high performance performance thanks to its A12Z Bionic chip, LiDAR sensors and dual camera. But the design and other technical indicators are the same.


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