GeForce now

A week ago, we echoed a BBC news highlighting the return of Fortnite to iOS via the streaming gaming platform GeForce NOW. This support pointed out that this service for iOS would start working through Safari before the end of the year.

Well in the end, it looks like the availability of GeForce Now for iOS via Safari is already available, so it’s a matter of time that if the rumors are confirmed, Fortnite can return to iOS without having to go through the App Store

at any time.

According to NVIDIA, the availability of its streaming game service is still in beta and allows access to most of the titles available on its platform (over 700) and They can be read from any iOS device through Safari.

To use this platform, we need a Nimbus or Razer gamepad type. It is not specified whether the controllers on the PlayStation and Xbox are compatible, but it is very likely, as it will work through Safari only if it offers support for the controllers, rather than through an app.

Regarding Fornite, from MacRumors, they state that Epic Games is working with NVIDIA to launch a touch version that does not require a controller, so for now we will have to wait for the next few weeks.

To be able to enjoy NVIDIA Ge Force Now on our iPhone or iPad, we need to visit its website. Must have at least one game to be able to take advantage of this service. The free version limits the connection to one hour. If we decide that we like this service, we have two options:

  • Monthly subscriptionl, priced at 5.49 dollars, where there is no connection time limit and with RTX enabled.
  • Semi-annual subscription, the price of which is 27.45 dollars, which gives us the same advantages as the monthly subscription, thus allowing us to save a monthly fee.

You can consult the catalog of titles available via GeForce NOW via this link.