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Get the "Xiaomi Kindle", reduced to 20 euros




Xiaomi reader mi

Yes, Xiaomi has its own Kindle, and in this case it's no surprise, because it's rare to find a professional product that a company doesn't have in its catalog, and even more so when we look at the less powerful companies around it that make the company more efficient in different markets.

Today we'll show you how to get your eReader at a discount of 20 euros, and, as you'll see, This is one of the most ambitious Xiaomi devices, And that, in our opinion, is worth it if you do not want the services associated with the book reader, but simply want to download it, put it on the device and read it, without further interruptions.

Xiaomi Mi Reader, Xiaomi Kindle with 20 discounts

We told you about this Xiaomi Mi Reader a few months ago, and, in fact, that's what it looks like, an eReader similar to Amazon's surprise Amazon, with a 6-inch panel of electronic ink technology, which ensures that we do not suffer from fatigue when we read it, and that it gives us the same feeling we would have when reading a visual book. And that, without a doubt, is the main reason why you should invest in eReader if you are an avid reader.

Xiaomi Mi Reader
Dimensions159.2 x 116 x 8.3 mm
Weight178 grams
Show6-inch ink
Maximum pixel212 pixels per inch
ProcessorQuadCore 1.8 GHz
An operating systemAndroid 8.1
Storage16 GB
Battery1,800 mAh
OthersWi-Fi 2.4 GHz, USB Type C
Date of departure
First price

In addition to this, the device has Wi-Fi connection and place the connector USB Type C, so you can use the same charging cable you use with your smartphone and you don't have to use the microUSB, which we already see disappearing on many devices that allow for this better connectivity, which offers more possibilities.

Xiaomi Mi Reader

With this device you can read both files in epub format, which is very perfect if you want to read books, as it allows you to change the font or size, and resize all text to the page, without the need to zoom and without leaving text out. But it does read PDF files, presentations and spreadsheets,

making it user-friendly and a much more flexible function and is a fun tool.

On the other hand, it has a 1,800 mAh battery, something that looks a little too small for a smartphone, but that in one of these devices is more than enough, since the electric ink panel costs very little, one of its great benefits and comfort in learning. Also, if you want to buy this device at a discount of 20 euros, just click the coupon below the price in Banggood and create a new account to receive it.

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