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Good news when using Google Maps and CarPlay



A few years ago, when both CarPlay and Android Auto were announced, most of us thought it might be something for high-end cars. That the most modest models would not have this kind of skills.

For now, though, there are already many products that incorporate this type of technology in their cars. And as a result, millions of users around the world have a secure way of using their smart devices in the car.

Recently, with the launch of iOS 14, Google Maps has decided to join this transition phase with its update, designed specifically for CarPlay users.

From now on, the Google Maps app for CarPlay finally found Google Assistant outside the United States, so now we can use Siri’s partner with the iPhone in the car. In this way, we will have the freedom to choose our beloved helper.

This change is added to other good news updates, such as the return of Google Maps to Apple Watch, where it finally has a new native program. And that's just the way it is a small CarPlay update app itself

that has come with iOS 14.

Thanks to this new version, we have the opportunity to change the background image, access new apps, and unlock the car with our phone (though the only one in CarKey compatible models).

Therefore, CarPlay continues to grow with other platforms and Apple services. What you once believed was just an addition to high-end car users, today is very helpful in helping us stay focused on where we should always be: on the road, not on the phone.

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