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Google Assistant helps wash your hands as long as they are needed for the song




The World Health Organization's primary health recommendation on the COVID-19 epidemic is to wash your hands regularly and long enough to kill the virus. Google Assistant now helps calculate how long you have to wash your hands.

One of the most popular "tactics" is to calculate how long you have to wash your hands to repeat two "happy birthdays," although some people like to use their songs. If you don't sing on your own, let Google Assistant do that, using what's best you don't need to touch a mobile phone: everything works out loud.

Hi Google, help me wash my hands

WHO recommends washing hands with soap a time of 40 to 60 seconds

, or 20 to 30 seconds when a gel with an alcohol content of more than 60% is used. A short bath will leave us with a feeling of clean hands, but it may not be enough to destroy the mucous membranes of the virus.

40 seconds to wash your hands can be time-consuming, and it is difficult to trace when you have no reference. Now you have it easily, because you just need to have your phone nearby

, in addition to Ok's voice recognition functionality, Google. Of course, the voice command is only available in English. Ex:

Hi Google, help me wash my hands

That being said, Google Assistant is getting started sing a song -In English- it reminds you to wash your hands for 40 seconds, along with some tips on how to do this bath according to WHO guidelines.

We tried Google

It is a simple but useful innovation. It has the advantage that you don't need to touch a mobile phone start counting down, which is the next point because this way you can save yourself the difficult task of cleaning a cell phone to disable it if you don't have to. Currently this song is only available in English: when you apply in Spanish, you find related information on the web.


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