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Google Pixel 4a will be jubular for the iPhone SE 2020 at its price




Google is about to launch a new set of mid-range phones, the Pixel 4a. Its launch has yet to be confirmed but we have seen leaks and a lot of rumors that it is a matter of a few weeks, if not a few days, to be officially.

This will be an important figure for the company, who has for several years sought to create a competitive proposal for the mobile phone industry but faces one problem after another.

Very competitive price

When Apple released the iPhone SE 2020, everyone saw in surprise how it came to own an iPhone with the company's latest processor at $ 399. Yes, in Spain the price tag is high, but in the United States it can be very expensive.

And this is where the new Pixel 4a comes in. So far there are rumors that the price of this model is about $ 399 with a 64 GB variant. That is, it had the same cost and storage as the Apple model.

Google Pixel 4a will be jubular for the iPhone SE 2020 at its price

Pre-filtered prices showed higher costs

Now there is sources indicating that this would not be the case. There's low talk, $ 349, with larger storage, 128GB


This will enable Google's new smartphone to compete not only against the iPhone SE 2020, but also with the Samsung Galaxy A51, a patient produced by the Korean brand in the United States, where to date only have Ghana S as strong representatives. and Note.

As always, you should take this information into tweezers because it is leaky and may not be entirely accurate. In addition, in markets like Spain the price would be higher and we have mentioned that if we look at the average price of mobile purchases in our country (around 230 euros) it would be difficult for Pixel 4a to make a big difference.


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