Over time, the Apple Watcha ceased to be a niche product to become one of the most popular products in the catalog of appliances that the Cupertino company has in its catalog. Its “content” price and its wide variety of models make it surely become one of the most talented devices in the Apple range.

If you have a new Apple Watch, today we’re going to teach you a lot of tips that you might not know and help you manage it better. Stay with us and make the most of your new Apple Watch.

As on many other occasions, we have decided to accompany this post with a video in which you can see in real time how these tricks we are talking about work. Remember, if you subscribe and leave a message for us, you can help the Actualidad iPhone community continue to grow. In the meantime, let’s go with all the tips:

  • Organize the apps the way you want: It’s a feature inherited from iOS, and it’s that natively, if we are in the gallery that shows us all the apps and we press and hold an icon, they will start dancing and you can organize them. You can also do this from the iPhone app by entering Look> Application Layout> Alignment.
  • Remove applications: This functionality is very much in phase with the previous one, to eliminate the applications we have to follow the same step by holding down an application and clicking on the “X”. Although we can also from the iPhone, we just go down the list and click “Show on iPhone” to proceed with its uninstallation.
  • Quick access to our applications: The Apple Watch has a “Dock” which is activated by pressing the larger button. In the “Watch” application of the iPhone, we can select the “Dock” function and we will choose which of our applications we want to appear quickly here.
  • Quick responses to messages: Most apps will allow us to automatically respond with predetermined responses to notifications we receive. To do this, just click on the notification and a drop-down list of possibilities will open.
  • Customize the quick responses: If you don’t like your Apple Watch’s default Quick Replies, you can easily customize them by following the path below: Watch> Messages> Default replies and you can customize them as you like, to meet your daily needs when you answer.
  • Mute a call from your iPhone: If your iPhone and Apple Watch are ringing at the same time and you don’t have your iPhone handy to mute the call, a curious way many don’t know to put the call away without hanging up is to cover up completely screen the Apple Watch with your hand. .
  • Delete all notifications at once: If you’ve received an avalanche of notifications, you already know that the Apple Watch doesn’t organize them as well as the iPhone. However, if you swipe up and down, after the last notification you’ll get a button Delete all notifications.
  • Go up to the beginning in an application: The iPhone has a feature that allows us to go back to the start after doing a lot of scrolling by just tapping the iPhone clock. The same thing happens on the Apple Watch if you tap on the top right corner where it is located.
  • Activate mode Nightstand: The Apple Watch also has a control center with a ton of shortcuts. To access it, simply unfold it from the bottom up. If we want to do it from an app, we have to do it slowly by pressing two seconds and it will be displayed.
  • Have you lost your iPhone? Locate it with the Apple Watch: We return to the Control Center, where we will find a button dedicated to the location of the iPhone. This icon that shows the iPhone will make it emit a constant sound to be able to locate it after having lost it, very useful.
  • Skip a workout countdown: When you start a new workout with the Apple Watch app, you will see that it is counting down. Since there is no time to waste, we can skip this countdown timer just by touching the screen, it will start counting the workout without further problem.
  • Don’t forget to suspend your workouts: The training interface that appears if we swipe from left to right with training enabled will allow us to pause training, so if we have no choice but to stop to drink water or respond to everything need, we can collect our data more precisely.
  • Disney and Mickey Mouse clocks will tell us the time: You have been able to check Apple’s collaboration with Disney on the Apple Watch, among others there are Mickey and Minnie watches. With this activation, if we click on Mickey or Minnie, they will tell us the time that is marked at that moment.
  • But not only can we hear the time: We have tons of custom watchafaces, and if we do two quick taps on the part of the clock where the time is displayed, Siri will speak to us to tell us the exact time at those times.
  • Control your music: In the settings of the Apple Watch we will find the possibility that if we play music and activate the clock, we can manage the media control. If you turn the Digital Crown you will be able to adjust the volume of your headphones, especially if you are using AirPods you will have more options such as the ANC of the Pro model.

These are the best tips we think we need to know with the arrival of your new Apple Watch in order to get all the performance it deserves and not waste a single second. Obviously we have a lot more to tell you about the Apple Watch and this is what we constantly do here at Actualidad iPhone, remember that every day we launch news and tutorials on your favorite Apple products such than iPhone, iPad and more, so add iPhone News to your Favorites tab and join our community to control your entire Apple environment.