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HomePod stock in the US Apple Online Store seems to be disappearing



The HomePod is out of stock

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The good news that WWDC will bring to us may begin to arrive sooner than we expected, at least when we're talking about the HomePod. Apple's smart speaker has never been considered one of the company's biggest songs, and a lot will have to change to do so. Since its introduction to the market, sales have gained momentum they couldn't convince Cupertino. And not a few flaws of this device compared to the competition.

First, we have to talk about Siri. Let's face it, Apple's personal assistant isn't the smartest market. It might be a little safer, but not as effective. And being the heart of the HomePod, a lot needed to change to be at the level of Alexa or Google Assistant, something that hasn't happened yet. And if we add to this the rising price of a speaker, and in other ways like Sonos One

at the very least, there is no color.

But Apple is not one of the companies offering it, and it looks like it's about to introduce a new product iteration. One that can solve its biggest problems, such as price or intelligence. AND periodic disappearance of stock from the United States Apple Online Store one month from WWDC 2020 emphasized this idea only. All rumors suggest we will see this new speaker soon.

The arrival of the new model would not only mean a jump in terms of the specifications, but also could mean significant changes in its performance with Siri. First of all, there is talk of a major new update for HomePod can greatly improve the power of touch, converting it into an independent platform similar to iPadOS. In addition, it would significantly open the ecosystem, allowing the use of third party music services such as Spotify.

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For now, we can only wait to hear about Apple's next move. If we are not in a position similar to the current one, it is very possible for the company to save these types of face-to-face announcements. However, they can turn to presentation and media release, as they already did with the new iPhone SE or iPad Pro, and then left the WWDC software news. It is only a matter of time before we know more about this.

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