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How they insulted me when I bought my first smartphone




She is right, not everyone should know about technology. Of course all of you who read Andro4all and other media with the same title, do it because you like smartphones but the fact is that we are no longer young.

There are many people who are not interested in technology, who buy a cell phone because they have to buy it using WhatsApp and have no idea what Snapdragon 865 is or any of the most current version of Android.

Something like this happened to me when I got my first Android smartphone. At the time I didn't have the farthest idea of ​​all this again my only goal was to have an Android phone able to use WhatsApp and play Angry birdsAnd if it can be cheaper, it's better than not. The result? The "ripped" operator (I quoted you because the error was not mine) had not informed me before.

It's not that your Android phone malfunctions, it's just that you didn't bring yourself a pre-purchase


It all started in 2011. The BlackBerrys dominate the market in Spain but are gradually seeing first-hand people with Android devices. One of my friends at the restaurant taught me a mobile device called Samsung Galaxy S, who I was originally dating.

It did not end there send free messages With your partner through an app called WhatsApp, you can also download games that look great, like one of the bundles that threw birds into the green pig.

From there my intention was to get one of his devices. I don't care I wanted a Samsung Galaxy S no matter what and I started to plan what I would get with it. A night of sleep and plenty of coffee to accomplish this, a program that would go down in history.

Of course, we do not exaggerate. Everything was easy. At that time I was in Movistar, doing Orange portability and Movistar called me to make a donation. The conversation I had with the operator went like this:

  • The work: Carlos, we don't want you to go to Orange, we will improve the rating you have the same price.
  • Carlos: Yes, but in Orange I was given a Samsung Galaxy S (It's a dirty lie, not only is the amount of girl from Movistar that I was giving to it better than the one I chose when I made the Orange acquisition, but the only thing they gave me was the BlackBerry 9300).
  • The work: Well Carlos, in addition to average development, we can give you a Samsung Galaxy SL. Which is similar to the GPS S but the only difference is that instead of having 8 GB of internal storage it has 4 GB.
  • Carlos: (I was completely unaware of that phone and in my head it only sounded Samsung and Galaxy). An agreement has been made.

Samsung Galaxy S

Of course the difference has far exceeded where you end up and that the screen, processor and GPU were also different, so the performance of (SL) has nothing to do with the rest (S). To top it off, the kitchen and ROMs at the time were a priority and the support provided by the mute cousin of the Global S was futile.

In short: no, the Samsung Galaxy SL was not compatible with the Galaxy S and in the past has helped itself to become one of the most memorable phones, We only remember those who suffer from SL and not properly.

And all this stuff I put into it? The moral is that it is very important to introduce yourself before buying.. Throughout the years I have heard and learned many theories that Android works for murder, that when "Force shutdown" and other nonsense; And no, Android is not that it works poorly, that when you buy a smartphone we have not seen the best options and we have decided to get the first smartphone that the seller wants to sell and it is either a closed version or a winner. within a few months of using it, it will start crawling.

Fortunately for all of you who will be reading this little story to the end you will not buy the first phone you provide will investigate if there are better alternatives, but if you know that by mid-2020 they are still "boring", get them thinking and letting themselves know before they buy anything.

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