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How to see the size of folders using Finder on our Mac



How to see the size of folders using Finder on our Mac

When we open a document folder on our Mac using Finder in the list format, we usually see the size of the content next to the name.

But what about folders? Not shown, we must use the information in the folder to view it.

Fortunately we can ask Finder to automatically rate us.

Finder, folder sizes, and display options

Before proceeding it is important to know that the size of the folder is calculated,

While it seems to be an easy operation, it involves less difficulty than it seems. To calculate this size Finder should add the sizes of all the files in the folder and its subfolders.

Because avoid using unnecessary resources for this operation The acquirer does not show that amount by default. However, we can ask it to do that, something we have to do is run folder by folder. The steps are as follows:

  1. We open the app Finder on our Mac.
  2. We add a folder in which we want to see the size of its subfolders.
  3. Press Command (⌘) + J.
  4. We are using the option Calculate the sizes.

We will automatically see that Finder shows us the size of the folders. Let's assume that after opening a folder it can take several seconds until we see the values ​​appear. Depending on the age of the Mac, especially if you are still using hard drives instead of solid storage, and considering the size of the folder, it can take a few seconds.

Let's remember that too we will have to repeat the same steps for each folder when we want to see the size of the folders. Generally, it is recommended that you use this option in the specified folders and use the command key combination (⌘) + i to determine the size of the folder size without changing the settings.

Finder has more options than meets the eye. Without a doubt, knowing these little details, such as how to rename labels or determine the opening folder, enhances our productivity and helps with our daily work and files.

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