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How to transfer files via USB between Android and Mac computers, excellent programs




We use the phone very grateful for its great appreciation for doing all kinds of activities. And this growing use of the smartphone has a major victim: the computer. Not that computers will disappear because Many use it for work or for fun, but suffered some fall in value even with the tasks we used to perform on the big screen. How to manage files

From our Android we can download all kinds of files, from tablets to reading documents. We can even convert PDF or Word files: just have the right application for it. Now, what if we have a Mac computer and want it use it to access phone information? This thing is complicated because of the transmission protocol: MTP.

Apple does not provide traditional support for MPT transmission (multimedia device sync rule), so you should always use some kind of software on a computer to access USB storage that Android keeps. The good news is that there are excellent options: from official Google to computer applications that fulfill any transfer requirements we may have.

Android File Transfer (AFT)

Transfer Android Mac Files

It is Google's official solution for transferring USB files between Android devices and a Mac computer. Simple, without too many problems and it's automatic: just install it and connect Android with USB to AFT is activated and enables file transfer


Android File Transfer is free, includes no ads and can be easily downloaded from this Google page. It works on all computers, although it tends to show something strange: sometimes it is expensive to get a connected phone. However, it is the first decision to consider.


Transfer Android Mac Mac Files

This software is very advanced and very complete: it enables transfer between Android and MacOS via USB while preventing traditional computer imbalances through the MTP protocol. It works perfectly to transfer files, ad-free, and free Developed in open source. Under our test, it's a better recommendation than Android File Transfer, but not all Android compatible (with Samsung still having transfer issues).

OpenMTP is free and 100% free software. If you want to give it a try, just download MacOS software from GitHub of Ganesh Rathinavel, its developer.


Transfer Android Mac Files

This newly developed software for transfer of MPT (and supports ADB file sharing) is an advanced option for past Mac applications because it completely integrates with Finder; so you don't need to use a separate file manager, it is a huge advantage. MacDroid lets you transfer any file type between Android and computer or vice versa; and enables its unlock on the Android device without downloading it to the computer.

MacDroid works just as well as our tests: the experience was excellent, in file sharing and the use of the integrated Finder controller. However, it has its drawbacks: it is not free. Yes it does Free file transfer in Android to Mac state (learning mode); while having to pay your subscriptions to transfer to a different side ($ 19.99 per year). Basic usage is more than just right: you can download MacDroid from its website.

Commander One

Transfer Android Mac Files

We've completed our selection of Mac file sharing apps for USB with Commander One data for Android, a complete file management software that runs without the simple transfer between devices. And that Commander One allows to manage everything that is installed on the computer, as well as that of the connected devices; more than include SSH support, FTP and support for functions such as Dropbox.

Commander One is a free application that offers the Pro option (32.99 euros) to unlock multiple options; between file transfers between Android and Mac. It's not a cheap option and it can be very complicated if you want to access Android folders from your computer only. Anyway, a really good recommendation: you can download Commander One from the App Store.


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