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Huawei will not be able to sell phones through Google for another year




Last year, Huawei was ousted by the Trump administration for doing business with American companies, a veto we will all remember as Huawei's refusal to launch Android phones and Google services.

This veto has been declared a national emergency. The forum, led by Trump, has expanded the national emergency for another year, preventing Huawei from using Google's Google until May 15, 2021, a move that worsens Huawei's situation further. .

Trump passes the national emergency for one year

"On May 15, 2019, through Executive Order 13873, I declared a national emergency in the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 USC 1701 seq.) To deal with unusual and unusual threats to national security, US foreign policy and economics planted by unlimited access and use of information specificity and communication technology and services. "

This is how Donald Trump begins his statement to give, in another year a state of emergency in which the government is able to avoid any trade agreement between US companies and Huawei. This order is the reason why, among other things, Huawei can sell Google devices and services launched after May 15, 2019. After giving this order one more year, Huawei will continue to be banned for up to 15 years. May 2021, as a minimum, be able to sell new devices through Google Play services.

Huawei P30 Pro, the latest high-end Huawei with Google services and services.

The agreement stipulates that Huawei will not guarantee new Google devices and services, but allows the company to continue selling those certified phones before May 15, 2019. This allowed the Chinese company to not only sell devices but instead launch new products with older apps based on Google and services, such as the P30 Pro New Edition, or Y8s.

A year later, the results of the fall of Huawei veto, a company that continues to remain thankful for its strength, where it has a market share of 41.4% according to a recent Canalys report, while in other countries it remains strong, but with a dramatic fall.


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