A concept of what could be the Apple car from Apple

The Titan Project has been in Cupertino since 2014. A project that originally had the idea of ​​designing and producing a self-driving car. Two years later, it looked like the project was gone and they were going to focus only on producing an autonomous driving system. However, in recent months it has been reported that Apple could be years away from starting production of its self-driving car: the Apple Car.

In reality, Hyundai Motor confirmed to be in talks with Apple to produce both the electric vehicle and its battery.

Apple car could be produced by Hyundai Motor

We understand that Apple is in talks with various global automakers, including Hyundai Motor. As the discussion is still in its infancy, nothing has been decided.

These are the words of a Hyundai Motor employee to one of the CNBC reporters. I know This confirms the relationship between Hyundai Motor and Apple

around the production of your electric car. In fact, after this statement, a report was leaked from a Korean media outlet in which it was assured that the terms of the conversations included both the development of electric batteries and the production of the vehicle itself.

Hyundai Motor confirms discussions between Apple Car and Apple 1

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In addition, the Apple Car could be launched in 2027. Behind it, there are years of uncertainty and doubts within Apple about whether or not to pursue a project that has never been officially released. . The last published report claimed that the electric car battery was going to have a technology never seen before. Hours after the report was published, Tesla CEO Elon Musk questioned this “never-before-seen technology”, assuring that it was not possible. Additionally, he confirmed that Apple was able to buy Tesla and did not.

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