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If you have an iPad you need this available yes or no




Although we all love Android, there's no doubt that the tablet market is a viable Google app. Apple dominates with a metal fist on its iPad and it should be noted, this device is second to none.

Despite Samsung's excellent performance, iPads offer tons of varied performance. It doesn't matter if we want it to go online, to watch movies or series or work, The iPad performs any of these functions in an outstanding way.

Turn your iPad Pro into a more productive app for these discoveries

IPad Pro Hub

The Pro is without a doubt the most productive tool but due to its very small size it has only a USB Type-C port, something that may be a problem for many and that the latest version of their app lets you connect wireless mice.

But luckily there is a solution for you. We bring you a small wireless accessory to the USB port of iPad– or anything else with a USB Type-C port – it adds an extra product

As it allows you to add an HDMI port, two USB 3.0 ports, a USB Type-C port, a MicroSD card slot and a 3.5 mm jack port for headphones, something that will be appreciated by all those wireless carriers.

This is a small aluminum foil case It fits well with the iPad so that unlike other similar accessories it doesn't happen on our desk, it retains the origin of the IP travel itself. In addition to that, its price is really economical from there it costs only 40 euros


In short, if you have an iPad– or any other app with a single USB Type-C, this entry must. For very little money we will add an extra product so now no one can tell you that the iPad is almost like a laptop.

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