iPad Pro M1

One of the devices presented yesterday afternoon by Apple was the new iPad Pro. This new iPad model adds among others the new chip integrated into Macs, the M1. In this sense, the iPad will gain in raw power despite being a really powerful device in its previous versions.

The presentation made by Apple yesterday showed a video in which they wanted to emulate the popular scene from the movie Mission Impossible, a scene in which the protagonist is suspended from a rope and in this case he succeeds. take the M1 chip from the Mac to install it in the new iPad Pro


Curious is also the moment when he enters Apple Park using an Apple Pencil to pierce a glass and enter campus. But this video titled “Incredible Mission” It’s really recommended so we share it with you in case you missed it:

The arrival of this joke I agree with the iPad Pro can be a before and after in the device and it is that many users were waiting for the presentation of this iPad Pro. Adding the “Pro” tag to the iPad means a lot to users and to the business itself it is therefore important to improve the previous model.

In this case, we think that This year’s WWDC will play a key role in this spectacular iPad Pro

presented a few hours ago. In the design, they didn’t touch anything but they did touch the 12.9-inch model’s screen and added this powerful chip inside both models. We’ll see how far that power can be squeezed out in the new iPad Pro.

On the other hand also Here we leave you the other announcement of the new model of iPad Pro: