The new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have made a leap into mobile photography. In fact, the Pro models are capable of taking photos in a new format that takes advantage of the devices’ computational intelligence, ProRAW was called by the guys in Cupertino. A new way to take pictures with virtually no compression and no loss of information. Now Instagram

, the famous photography social network and all the others, they are right update to support the new ProRAW of the new iPhone 12 Pro. Keep reading as we give you all the details of this new feature.

Yes, I say Instagram is the social network of all the others because over time it has changed a lot to become a social network that is used for everything except what it was at the beginning: photography. And is that in the end people use it more for stories

than for photography. Without going around the bush, Instagram now allows us to take advantage of App’s new ProRAWe, yes, just to upload the photos. These cannot be changed in the app, al ser RAW, e Instagram will apply compression from the original which is approximately 25MB in size. Is it interesting then that Instagram allows us to use our ProRAWs? This is, even if we apply compression, that we start from photographs with a large amount of information and in the end the compression will affect the detail of the photo less.

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Good news with nuances that denotes the interest of brands in Apple photography. A format, the ProRAW, which some professional photographers have called the ideal format for all those occasions where the Apple compression algorithm has played us: interior scenes with contrasting light, low-light areas and images with very wide dynamic ranges. And you, do you have the new ProRAW activated on your iPhone 12?

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