IPhone 13, in September 2021

In this case, the news or rather the rumor circulating these days on the network concerns the possible delays in the launch of the iPhone 13. As happened last year with the launch of the iPhone 12 in October and not in September as usual, it could be the same this year with the iPhone 13.

A few days ago, we learned that Samsung was starting production of the screens of these new iPhone models and logically all production machines are already start ing or are about to start

precisely to avoid further delays.

Reaching September would be the Cupertino company’s goal at least this year, but some reports indicate that a semiconductor shortage could cause dates to be slightly delayed. Despite the efforts of the company to arrive on time and the start of production of the components as indicated in BGR

Another slight delay in the launch cannot be ruled out.

We can even think that the company would force the machines to arrive on time for its appointment in September and it is it’s unusual for Apple to delay a product launch for two consecutive years due to the shortage of components.

The previous year due to the pandemic there were also problems in the distribution of devices but this year it seems to be more or less under control. We will see what happens in the following months but Everything indicates at the moment that we could have further delays in the launch or rather the presentation of the new iPhone 13.