IPhone rendering

These days, it’s not that necessary to have a lot of capacity on an iPhone via iCloud cloud and the like, but if the price comes along – that it’s complicated at Apple – why couldn’t we have up to 1TB of internal storage on the next iPhone model from Apple.

That’s what Jon Prosser says in his latest rumor or leak what you want to call it. Current iPhone 12 models have a maximum of 512 GB of storage

and increasing that maximum capacity might increase the initial Apple, but that’s another problem and more so when you try to adjust the price to the maximum to sell more iPhone models.

In this case, what Prosser is saying is that the “Pro” line can have an iPhone that has up to 1TB of storage and doesn’t talk about the rest of the models. The supposed iPhone 13 or 12S, whatever its name, would only be in its “Pro” model with this capability.

The current iPad Pro has this capacity of up to 1TB, so we have no doubts that Apple can launch an iPhone with that same internal space. What is clear is that the capacity issue is no longer such an issue for many users due to the increase to 128 GB in the base model and because, as we said in at first, the cloud allows us to have our iPhone with enough space almost always. On another side It is true that games and applications occupy more and more, that the quality of videos and photos continues to increase.

And this represents a greater consumption of space on the device, but there is no longer such a problem with this base capacity of 128 GB.

If Apple continues to leave the base model with the current 128 GB, could the mid-size model have 512 GB or continue with the current 256 GB? The important thing here is that the price does not rise or rise just enough. Having 1TB of storage can increase its value. We will see.