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Learn how to delete call history from your iPhone in a step





For iPhones with iOS 13 installed, users can view and delete their entire call history immediately from the tab Later to your phone app, and to end each of these calls for you. Today we explain how to accomplish these two steps in a simple way.

We should remember that if we have iCloud Drive sync, all of our devices use our Apple ID and where we can make calls will be affected by this change, so when we delete call records on our iPhone they may also disappear from our other devices, just the opposite.

How to delete all calling history of our iPhone

Deleting a call log on our iPhone is easy, and in this case you must follow the following steps:

  • 1st Open the app Phone on your iPhone.

  • 2nd Go to the tab Later, second from left.

  • Third Select at the top if you want to show all calls or missed calls only.

  • 4th Click Edit in the top right corner.

  • 5th To completely delete call history from our iPhone we have to press Remove in the upper left corner. As long as we press, we will be asked to confirm that we actually want to clear the history of recent calls.

WiFi Calls

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Once this is done our latest call history will disappear.

There is an option we do not want to delete all recent calls and we want to shut down one in particular. You can do this in two ways: the first one by following the previous steps, up to 5, where we will mark the red one that we will find before each record and not Remove.

The easiest way to do this job, from the latest tab without pressing Edit, slide right-to-left over the records we want to delete, where we'll see how the red spot appears and if we continue to slide or press it it will delete that call record.


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