One afternoon we took a trip to the Windows App Store with the intention of letting you get the most out of your iOS working device. This time we bring you a videogame designed to ease your cravings and allow you to have a great time between sessions. Wood Shop is a video game that lets you create pieces of wood as if you were a carpenter, would you know?

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We always try to bring free games from the App Store, even though the fact is that they cost me a lot more for obvious reasons, and that the sheer amount of advertising they often put into them makes the experience less appealing. However Wood Shop Wood is also free, so you know what to expect. However, it found a 4.3/5 figure in the App Store, bad for a free video game weighing less than 300MB. Now to focus on what interests us, our artistic skills directly from our iPhone.

Wood Store (AppStore Link)

The wood shop

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You will have to cut, paint and paint pieces of wood in order to sell them in the store, the selection of tools is very accurate and we will have a blurring type that tells us what patterns we need to achieve in order to achieve the effect With the final piece. The fact is that it's fun and it's never hard to be hard,

It's certainly not an iOS video game art but it's a great luxury option. However, recently Tetris returned from his sound on iOS, check it out again.