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Microsoft has created a descriptive program for parents, and you can already try it out




As technology advances we have more and better tools for security in a world where physical and digital well-being are first and foremost. Knowing this, Microsoft has already created a complete parenting control app.

His name is Family Safety Programtranslated into Spanish will be "Family Safety Program", and although not available to everyone who has already tried it. We tell you what it is and how to install it.

Family Safety Program, a new Family Welfare app

Parental control apps help parents better track their children's digital lives, track hours and spend without compromising their children's use experiences. However, these apps still have plenty of room for improvement, and Microsoft has created some really interesting ones.

The program includes several features that focus on the security experience, including the physical tracking system of each family member and the Microsoft Edge browser filters.

The app is able to track daily Xbox Smartphone usage hours, computers and pins, the ability to track hours spent on each device and each application, the ability to drive schedules and time limits. Well organized by Microsoft.

The limitation we have seen is that certain restrictions are incorporated into the Microsoft ecosystem, such as using the Edge browser or gaming hours on Android, Xbox and Windows, besides other web browsers and platforms such as PlayStation and Nintendo. This is not Microsoft's fault, as Redmond can't control the Sony and Nintendo platforms, as well as other browsers. However, we would like all of these programs to work together so that your parental control systems can be interactive.

How to test Microsoft parent app

The Family Safety Program is available in a previous version, a remote viewing version that still applies to everyone. Availability is limited, so that you can check it out by signing up for a Microsoft form. Once done, you should be able to download the app.