Netflix confirms they will include mobile games in their subscription 1

We use more and more streaming content services. It looks like it was yesterday when the first services arrived that let us listen to music by subscription, the first cloud storage, video streaming, etc. There is no one to stop it and we are consuming these services more and more. Netflix, the big one of the video, each time more power, people like the content of the platform and now they want to test if we like mobile games … Netflix will publish mobile games included in your video subscription.

It’s true that we still don’t know when this will happen, but what is clear is that Netflix will offer games for free to its users. Mobile games that in a way, they’re going to be an addition to their original content, which is something like what we see with the Stranger Things games. It all comes after him signature of Mike Verdu (former head of Electronic Arts) by the streaming video giant, it is for Netflix to develop the new games division of Netflix. A clear bet to withdraw the market from Netflix’s main competitors and that It comes on the Apple model.

We see games as another new category of content for us, similar to our expansion into original movies, animation and reality TV.

Games will be included in subscribers’ regular Netflix subscription at no additional cost, such as movies and series. At first, we will mainly focus on games for mobile devices. We are more excited than ever with our TV series and film offering and look forward to a long road of increased investment and growth in all of our existing content categories, but given that we have been insisting on original programming for nearly a decade. ‘a decade. We believe this is the best time to learn more about the value of games for our subscribers.

As you can see, Netflix is ​​betting on games. They are aware of the potential and the a significant market share that evolves in this ecosystem and therefore, they don’t want to miss this opportunity. What will these video games look like? Well i sincerely believe that They will be similar to the ones we see in the Apple Arcade theme India. It’s an addition to your subscription so it will definitely be something of interest. You too, What do you think of Netflix starting to launch mobile games?