Choice of “Downloads for you” from Netflix arrived yesterday on devices with the Android operating system. In this sense, for those who do not know what this function consists of, we can tell you that it is a novelty that allows users to discover new content that adapts to y our tastes in a simple and effective way.

As of 2018, Netflix allows us to download content that gets discarded over the days when you watch these series, but on the other hand, it doesn’t allow us to record or take screenshots to remember the content or similar. With this new function that arrived a few hours ago on Android devices and which will soon be reaching iOS users, automatically download recommended TV shows or movies based on our watch history.

This is a new section in the official downloads of the streaming platform that will be well received by its users as it offers the ability to search for content related to our tastes and it will be much easier to find it.

For now, as they say, it is only available for Android users, but it is expected that you will soon be able to start enjoying this feature on an iPhone or iPad. What is clear is that it is an easier option to find what you like the most and which you cannot find on the streaming platform. In this case, it will be Netflix’s own algorithm responsible for finding this content that matches our tastes.