New Apple TV lets you play audio from your TV on HomePods 1

The new Apple TV 4K (2nd generation) model comes with a pleasant surprise: now we can play any sound from our TV, even TNT, through our HomePod.

Apple has a habit of hiding the interesting functions of its new devices in a kind of game that gradually introduces us to new features and functions that have never been mentioned in the presentation or on the product site. The new Apple TV 4K (2nd generation) is no exception to this custom, and now we know of a new feature that is going to be of great interest.

for those who use a pair of HomePods to listen to audio from their Apple TV.

The new model supports HDMI ARC / eARC, this means that if our TV is compatible, we can play any sound from any source connected to our TV through our HomePods. How can we do this? We explain it to you below:

  • We must connect the new Apple TV 4K (2nd generation) to our television via an ARC / eARC connection of it. If our television does not have this type of connection, it will not be compatible.
  • We must have our HomePods (not HomePod mini) linked to our Apple TV and configured as default output, in the “Settings> Video and audio” menu.
  • Just below this option, in this same menu, we will see the option of “Play TV sound”
    . This is the option we need to activate.

Once this is done, we can listen to our TV through our HomePods, no matter what source is active, whatever is playing on our TV will be heard through the Apple speakers. Besides, curious enough that they add this option when the only compatible HomePods are already “abandoned” by Apple, and the only ones that continue to be made and sold, the HomePod mini, are not compatible. Apple stuff.