Sony Apple TV televisions

The deployment of Apple TV + on Sony televisions is becoming a real mess since this manufacturer offers models with Android TV and without Android TV. Sony has announced that some TV models released in 2018 will be compatible with Apple TV, a very small number among models that are not supported by Android TV.

The guys at Sony have just released a new firmware update for their TVs (currently only available in Europe), an update that add apple tv app

which provides access to both the catalog available in Apple’s video streaming service and that available on iTunes and other payment platforms.

Last October, Sony launched the Apple TV app for the XH90 (X900H) make sure this app would also be available on select models launched in 2019 and 2018 in more than 100 countries.

It seems the time has finally come, according to the guys at Flatpanelsh. Firmware v.6.4960 for Sony TVs available in Europe includes Apple app

TV for all models launched in 2020, most models arriving in 2019 (with exceptions) and two high-end models from 2018.

2018 Sony TV models compatible with the Apple TV app

  • KD-65AF9
  • KD-55AF9
  • KD-75ZF9
  • KD-65ZF9

2019 Sony TV models compatible with the Apple TV app

  • KD-75XG9505
  • KD-65XG9505
  • KD-55XG9505
  • KD-75XG8505
  • KD-65XG8505
  • KD-65XG8577
  • KD-55XG8577
  • KD-55XG8505
  • KD-98ZG9
  • KD-85XG9505
  • KD-85ZG9
  • KD-55AG9
  • KD-65AG9
  • KD-77AG9
  • KD-85XG8596
  • KD-55XG8588
  • KD-55XG8599
  • KD-55XG8596
  • KD-65XG8588
  • KD-65XG8599
  • KD-65XG8596
  • KD-75XG8588
  • KD-75XG8599
  • KD-75XG8596
  • KD-75XG8796
  • KD-65XG8796
  • KD-55XG8796

2019 Sony TV models NOT compatible with the Apple TV app

If your Sony TV is managed by Android TVFor just over a month, the app has been available on the Play Store, an app that can only be downloaded on Sony TVs.