BAse Station mini nomad

Nomad one of those companies that could be part of Apple and that is that the quality of its products is really its standard. In this case, the Californian firm has just launched the Base Station Mini, which is obviously Much smaller “copy” of its popular charging cradles for iPhone, AirPods and more.

This new charging base is specially designed for charge any Apple device including the new iPhone 12

but it can also charge other devices that are not from the Cupertino company and are compatible with the Qi standard.

This accessory does not add charger adding to Apple fashion but you can find a specific one for this base and others for around $ 14 on their website. This is undoubtedly the negative point of the charging base as that is precisely what a charging base is and in this case it does not add the wall adapter to be able to charge our devices. On the other hand, an approximately 2m long USB C cable is included so that you can connect the base and charge your devices.

The Nomad Mini Base Station is undoubtedly a perfect product for users who travel or have little space on their desk since its reduced dimensions allow it to be placed anywhere and in this way to charge our devices serenely. . The design of the materials of manufacture of this base is of first quality

We will not have any problems in this regard as usual with Nomad.

In that case the Station Mini charging base is priced at $ 60 and is available directly on their website. As always in these cases, we recommend that you look at stores elsewhere to avoid tariffs or customs charges, in this case Magnificent is the go-to site for our country.