The iPhone personalization “boom” with the arrival of iOS 14 seems to have subsided slightly, however, none of the previously launched methods have convinced the members of Actualidad iPhone. That’s why we only rested when we found the definitive way to personalize your iPhone.

With this tutorial we show you how to install icon packs and themes to fully personalize your iPhone, make it unique.

This is the most original and the most special way so that your iPhone is not the same as other people, you can not imagine how far.

To fully personalize your iPhone, the first thing to do is to download the “Moloko” application, a light and totally free application that you can buy in the iOS App Store at THIS LINK. Once we have downloaded and installed it the easy thing comes:

  1. Open the Moloko app and browse the icon themes you like the most. Press the “Get” button to open the tab for that topic.
  2. It will show us the icon pack of native apps and third-party apps. First select the native applications and press “Download”.
  3. Safari will open and let us know that we are going to download a “Profile”. We click on the “Allow” button and proceed with the download.
  4. We leave Safari and go to the “Settings” application. At the top it will say that we have downloaded a profile, so we go in and click on Install
  5. We repeat the action with third party app icon pack

We will now see how the icons will appear directly in the start menu of our iPhone. Those that correspond to apps we haven’t installed won’t work, so we can eliminate them. In a simple way. The icons corresponding to the installed applications will open them quickly. Nothing could be simpler and your iPhone totally personalized.