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Run, a new game from the creators of Cut the Thread




Cut ropes is one of the puzzle games is well-known on Android, which over the years has become a popular topic among users. The creators of the game, ZeptoLab, have just not released the game on the market. Years ago they left us with new games, as is the case with their new releases. Om Nom: Run is now official.

Om Nom: Run is an endless runner-type game, which can now be downloaded officially on Android. Although it's a new game, we still get characters from the Sika the Rope universe in it, which is a wink that many will love, especially if you've played Sika a lot.

An endless runner on the edge with Rope characters

In this endless message it will be worth it complete a series of machines, such as traveling a certain distance, being able to do certain races at extremely high speeds, collecting letters or performing tricks. Completing that journey will allow us to earn rewards, which will allow us to unlock new characters in Om Nom: Run and be able to reach new levels. With so many characters from the Sika universe the Rope is found.

In sports there are all kinds of places and settings

, which makes it interesting, and also has a visual change, which helps to avoid duplication. We will have to run in all kinds of places, from busy streets, rooftops or factories. All levels have different shapes, though they all come in full color. The difficulty and distance increase as we pass through them.

To keep up with the Om Nom: Run standards we have all kinds of help in the form of things. As we will be able to use rockets, jumping boots, coins, magistrates and much more. They will be a valuable tool in the game, which will make it easier for us to get around these levels, especially at the highest levels, it will be a great help.

Easy-to-use controls

Om Nom: Run has very easy-to-use controls, because travel will only have to press the arrows on the screen, such as when you have to skip an obstacle or if we need to collect as many coins as possible. If you run into obstacles in games, in order to continue playing free, you'll need to see an ad (usually 30 seconds) and then you can continue playing. To

Every day you get into this game you come across a series of rewards, in the form of coins. As you complete the journey you will have additional coins, there is a series of daily goals to achieve. As peace is completed, new sites and characters are opened. In games there are a few categories of players, both rewards and one of tactics, so it's fun to advance both of the top players in the world.

Om Nom: Run was introduced as a fun game, without too many surprises in the kind of endless runner. Easy to control, the graphics are brightly colored, making the game fun. The fact that there are characters from the Make the Rope universal would be interesting to many, because it adds that standard element to the game.

How to download Om Nom: Run on Android

This new ZeptoLab game is already officially launched on the Play Store. Users who want to be able to play Om Nom: Run You can download now for free in their thoughts. As always, within the game we get purchases and ads. The purchase serves to further the game, with prices ranging between 0.99 euros and 10.99 euros, though not always optional. If you want to download the game, it is possible from the link:





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