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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, review: price, features



Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, review: price, features

It has been a few months since, and so far The concept of gala s10 lite is always confusing. Besides handling the “Lite” surname, it's a larger phone than the other S10 variants – except for the 5G variant. In addition, it has a higher processor than the Exynos 9820, and yet it is cheaper than all other models in the family, including the Galaxy S10e.

However, Is all that important? I admit that I personally started testing this mobile with the aim of trying to understand the location of this device in the product catalog of the product. But the truth is, after a little over a week after being used, I finally realized that, leaving words, surnames and ideas aside, Galaxy S10 Lite is one of the most interesting phones in Samsung's entire catalog, even now, in mid-2020.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite: specs & database specs

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite name
Dimensions 75.6 x 162.5 x 8.1 mm, 186 grams
screen 6.7 inch Super AMOLED Infinity-O
The decision Full HD
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
Operating system One UI 2.0 based on Android 10
Storage 128 GB UFS 2.1 extended by MicroSD
Cameras After Triple: 5 MP F2.4 macro + Wide-angle 48 MP with Super Steady OIS AF F2.0 + Ultra Wide 12MP F2.2
In the past 32 MP f2.2
Drums 4,500 mAh with fast charger
Others On-screen fingerprint reader, USB Type C, Bluetooth 5.0
Colors White, blue and black

Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

Its design and screen

Samsung takes time to bark design phase at its latest high-end and mid-premium segment, so it's no surprise that this segment one of the strengths of the Galaxy S10 Lite.

Like many edges launched this year, Global S10 Lite is not a small phone. With more than 16 inches in height, it is positioned as a large terminal, intended for those who are willing to stay only for those whose hand use is less than risky.

Beyond that, it's a free device: the curvature of the back panel and the edges of aluminum around it, added to its screen format, make it the Galaxy S10 Lite is a portable portable device, though not as much as the S20 series models, mainly because in this case we are facing a certain square end, which has many marked corners.

It's also a modern-looking device: its back is made plastic, though the touch is very different from the glass we can find on other phones of some kind. This important feature enables the device to resist the shock, even though it makes it more prone to scratches – in fact, my unit already has a lot of ups and downs from previous tests. It's also a color that attracts dirt on a large scale, and it won't take long to see your fingers tagged behind the fence.

The S10 Lite screen, which is one of its strong points

The S10 Lite front follows the design lines that Samsung adopted in its mid- and mid-range lineup last year. This is: the big screen holds almost all of them in front, due to very small marriages and a small hole in the upper middle. And directly the screen is one of power of this device.

It is true, a Super AMOLED panel, with a resolution of 6.67 inches along the diagonal and Full HD + resolution, which undermines the quality of all four sides. The color distribution – when selecting the “Natural” color mode – is excellent, as is its appearance and light levels. Nothing we have ever seen on company panels.

Of course, by mid-2020, details such as high resolution may not exist or the refresh rate is higher than the traditional 60 Hz of this panel. However, there is no denying that we are talking about it beautiful screen, some of the best you have ever tried with a phone for this price.

Performance and the whole experience

I wish Samsung to use Snapdragon 855 for all variants of the Galaxy S10 series.

Having tested the S10 series models at the time, both the S10e and the Galaxy S10 +, I can assure you that The performance of the Galaxy S10 Lite is more than just that of this family, not only in terms of performance – today, the difference between the best processor on the market and the second is simply overlooked in this case – but most of all, in terms of energy efficiency and temperature control – as of today, I haven't tested a single Samsung mobile with a cheaper Exynos processor than usual when playing heavy games.

Snapdragon 855 S10 Lite makes a difference

As was the case with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, based on the same Qualcomm platform as this S10 Lite, signal performance is excellent or I put it under tasks that require higher load, and 8 GB of RAM ensures that our systems are always remembered for as long as possible, ready to be accessed and at any time without times of high load or unexpected shutdown.

It also helps with a single UI, in its kind 2.1 based on Android 10, has reached the point of maturity that for years seems to be unavailable to the company. Everything works fast, the design is consistent too, except that Samsung's old mania for installing more apps is necessary, and making the choice with the default options should work – or vice versa, the information provided by this software is within the expected range on the mobile of this section.


The fact that you have used a processor signed by Qualcomm also translates to a better independence. Its 4,500 mAh utility, is clear, but it should always be the 5,000 mAh Galaxy S20 Ultra, and the truth is one.

With the Galaxy S10 Lite, you will have no problem reaching the end of the day less than half of the remaining battery for the next day. During these test days, I was able to reach 7 or up to 8 hours of screen time, you make great use of Wi-Fi networks and sometimes play titles like Traix or Call of Duty: Mobile.

Much better than its independence, the speed of its fast charging system

But whatever you use the service you provide, luckily i The faster 25W Charger offers greater speed for higher rebuilds, allows moving from 1 to 100% in about an hour and 20 minutes. As usual, the charging process is much faster during the early stages to avoid premature battery degradation.

The worst with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

A small deficit

No device feature shows enough errors to highlight it as a null point. The fact is, we have its price in mind, and especially the difference in this regard to the cheapest model in the S20 series, to name but a few deficiency, more important or less, which we hope can be adapted for the new generation of this Lite series:

  • Fingerprint reader Optical is neither as accurate nor as accurate as those of the top models. A skilled reader on the side would be a better option.
  • Speaker Level not as far as other S10 series models.
  • Water resistance, wireless charging and support for Samsung DeX An exciting addition would have been made, which will help S10 Lite stand out in the competition.

These are Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite cameras

The Green S10 Lite features three cameras on its back

Though not one of the clues in its catalog, Samsung decided to make the Galaxy S10 Lite the first to launch Super Steady OIS technology on his main camera, he wants to make it clear that photography will be the best thing in the world to maintain, despite the cost.

A room that benefits from this stability program Large 48-megapixel resolution sensor, by opening F/2.0. Depending on the type of product, this technology allows you to capture high-quality images at night scenes or in motion, and record motionless videos. To do this, a tilt-based system is used, which collects and translates data from the phone's gyroscope and other sensors to compensate for movement and reduce vibration from captured images.

Along with this sensor we get two more at the back: a Ultra wide angle 8 megapixel resolution, as well as 5-megapixel advanced “macro” models that many brands have decided to use as a wild card, but unfortunately it doesn't add much value to the photographic experience. Or, at least, not as much as the sensor can do telephoto.

At that point, the front appeared on the field one camera located in a hole in the center of the screen. It has 32 megapixels of resolution and a f / 2.2 aperture.

Although part of the Green S10 family, it is appreciated that Samsung has chosen to provide this device with its bulk new camera features introduced alongside the Galaxy S20 series modelssuch as single capture mode ”, ideal video mode or photo opportunities in traditional sensor resolution, without reducing its size Pixel Binning. Updated night mode It also has the capability, able – in theory – to capture more light than previous installations.

Date, drawings and night mode behavior

Photos with S10 Lite primary camera

When circumstances are on our side, The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite main camera is capable of rolling out the boils full of detail, which are brightly colored as usual on the product's phone. Of course, Samsung's inclination to lift up the shadows of spiders, to extract the contrast and depth from the images. Fortunately, it is easy to get rid of this type of processing simply using “Pro” mode installed in the camera app since the end.

As is common with brand brands, the face looks like a terrible enemy

software that manages the processing of images. The smoothness of the facial features is still a key issue for Samsung's camera terminals, and on phones like these S10 Lite it becomes even more obvious.

A high-quality camera, though useful and entertaining, it does not give effect to the central nervous system. The difference depending on the color definition is evident from the moment we switch between each camera, as there is a very strong, very low range in the sensor. too wide. Beyond that, it is appreciated that Samsung includes the power of Use this sensor to capture video, or it can be configured for 4K – even if that means losing part of the sensor view.

It is a night when the S10 Lite graphics system looks more suited to keeping the mid-range than the first. Not that the pictures are bad. They are not. However, in this kind of complex situation, the image quality starts to decline, providing sound and, surprisingly, that lag when trying to take pictures in public squares where light seems to be inadequate.

Front camera

With its 32 megapixel resolution, the front camera gives the best result, again, when the status quo is on our side. As usual, the prosecutor does his thing, too the smoothness of the facial features is obvious, even when the beauty mode is off. As is typical for product type phones, it is appreciated to have an option alternate between wide angle which can be helpful to achieve selfies group.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite: Andro4all's last thoughts and thoughts

Don't be fooled by its name: Global S10 Lite has no Lite more than a name. Even the price. Samsung has pulled out of their bag a sophisticated cellphone as it is intriguing, and unsuccessful in its goal of competing with some of the most rare phones of Chinese origin companies, which are famous for offering first-line deals. to standard product models.

The L10 S10, today, one of the highest quality phones with reduced price affordable: it has one of the best screens in its category – it's healthy it can use an extra solution or a higher amount of refresh-, added to first-rate translation rates good performance, and fun independence, they are all supported by a multimedia program that is able to deliver relevant results.

Price and where to buy Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

For many, the original price is 659 euros The Green S10 Lite was somehow lifted. After all, for a while it was able to access other Galaxy S10 models. Fortunately, as is often the case with product metal, it is only a few months after launch the price has already dropped, and it is possible to find it less than 500 euros. That's less than phones like the Xiaomi Mi 10, OnePlus 8, or Realme X3 SuperZoom.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, the idea and article of Andro4all
Should I buy a Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite?
You like
  • One of the best screens in its category
  • Excellent performance. Snapdragon 855 maturity and One UI make all the difference
  • Good self control, supplemented by fast enough fast charging
  • Nice design and good build quality
  • The main sensor provides good image quality
  • Ultra wide-angle camera is inconsistent with the primary camera, and a macro sensor adds no value to image information
  • Information such as wireless charging or water resistance is not available
  • Audio quality can be improved
Conclusions “Galaxy S10s” would be a better name for a phone like this. The nickname “Lite” does not explain, far from it, all that hides this high-end phone and “reduced” price, although it has not been seen among the endless number of cell phones making up the South Korean catalog, is one of the most exciting and attractive models in its segment by mid-2020.
Punctuation 8.7Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

But wasn't this Lite?

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