Shazam renews the design of its application

One of the biggest successes in terms of apps is without a doubt Shazam. This app allows you to recognize the song you hear by just recording a small fragment even with background noise. This is achieved through comparison technology between a large catalog with millions of songs. In 2017, Apple bought the company and since then it has integrated all of its technology into its operating systems. Now is the time to overtake iOS and iPadOS by launching the ShazamKit development kit,

which allows developers implement the technology in their applications, even with Android developers.

Apple creates a development kit to recognize music: ShazamKit

Expand functions in your apps by recognizing music and easily connect users to Shazam’s music catalog. ShazamKit allows you to enrich your app experience by letting users find out the name of a song, who sang it, its genre, etc. Find out where in the song the match was found to sync content with user experiences.

This development kit It’s not just about Shazam and music recognition. It goes much further: will carry the technology that Shazam uses for development applications. In other words, the developer is now able to generate his own sound libraries and integrate them into a Shazam-like system. In order to personalize the experience of your applications.

ShazamKit allows developers to integrate Shazam into their applications 1

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In addition, it is not necessary for the music to be played outside and use the microphones of the device to record it, but can be saved locally, an advance implemented by Apple in the latest versions of its operating systems.

With this great launching maneuver of the ShazamKit kit, Apple completes a long journey of technological empowerment and amplification a technology that cost the Big Apple more than $ 400 million.