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Slack is redesigning its iPhone app with a new tab app




More than a month ago Slack, a popular team communication tool, updated its Mac operating system. Now it's time for the iPhone or iPad version to find out a good reset on the connector based on tabs.

Theme tabs and compose button


In the new design, the app gives us four tabs at the bottom of the iPhone: Get started, Messages, It means y It's yours. The first tab gives us access to information that was currently stored in the left sidebar of the application. Tab of Messagesand that of It means, are exactly what the name and tab are defined for It's yours

it gives us access to our status, notifications and interests.

Slack summarizes the news in the following section:

Before that, it was difficult to know the four main things humans do on mobile devices. We've optimized this for the new sub navigation bar for the app, which contains sidebar Home Views, Direct Messages (most recent first), Mentions (instant chat), and you (because you're alive) and because setting your status or mobile preferences should be easy ).

Other improvements to the app include the redesign in the "Go to …" box a new message composing button In the bottom right corner of the app, new shortcuts to reminders or apps appear in the channel's messages or improvements to the app's behavior when we swipe right or left.

This is being redesigned, even though it was announced with the version 20.05.10 of the app already available in the App Store, it looks like startling presentation. As a desktop version, it may take a few days to see the new drawing appear on our iPhone.

With the new experience announced we have to wait a few days until we get to the new design. We can download the Slack app in the App Store for free.


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