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Sophia Coppola, Ridley Scott and other stories



Over time, the Apple TV + becomes a more interesting catalog. With the participation of actors, producers and directors of celebrity and popular recognition, quality service bets instead of bulk. In this context, several news of the inclusion of Apple TV + have surfaced in recent days that you should consider calmly.

Sophia Coppola and Ridley Scott will create Apple TV + content

Sophia Coppola continues to strengthen her relationship with Apple. Coppola is the director behind The Girl Suicides, lost in translation and elsewhere, among other works. After signing the agreement produce movie and technologyIt's called The Rocks, a well-known film director jumping into the series. This is secular practice, a book written by Edith Wharton which translates as "Culture of the world".

The story centers on Undine Spragg, a girl born in central United States whose family immigrated to New York in 1913. will try to climb New York society, which is aided by money raised by questionable businesses. This is one of the few works by Wharton that was not brought to the screen. Apple plans to make World Culture a limited series.

After that we have Ridley Scott also famous, who recently signed an agreement for a first appearance with Apple according to Variety. These are contracts give priority to the part cultivation, license or purchase of, in this case, visual content. In other words, when producer Free Free (owned by the director and producer) created the story, Apple may decide to keep it in front of someone else.

Scott is the producer or director of many sagas and successful films for decades. From Alien to Blade Runner

, surpasses Thelma & Louise, Gladiator, Hannibal or the upper castle. And, of course, it was behind the famous 1984 ad for Apple itself.

June documentary and copyright song complaint


Moving on to the upcoming release, actor and director Bryce Dallas Howard will release next June 19 documentary "DADS". Scheduled a few days before Father's Day in the US, it's a humorous documentary that analyzes the role of parents in the modern world.

Apparently, it will have the interaction of various US celebrities they will tell their experiences. Some of them are Will Smith, Conan O & # 39; Brien, Kimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon.

And now we're going to a a copyright complaint performed by Richie Rich, author of the song Side Show that appeared in the second chapter of the Good News. According to the lawsuit, Apple allegedly gave the song to Nakamiche Muzic Publishing, which has falsely claimed to own the copyright.

The alleged true owner, Darrell Jackson, has called for a boycott of works that infringe on his intellectual property rights. Here comes both song distributors, as Apple, NBC Universal Media and Amblin Entertainment. At the same time, it requires compensation for damages, and restitution of court costs.

Pictures | George Biard, Scott Free.

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