Apple Switzerland Store

Over the weeks, little by little, the distinctive Apple stores Tim Cook company spread across the world are opening their doors, focusing on customer service and reduced hours, following same guidelines that it launched an Apple Store reboot in China.

Australia, Austria, South Korea and Germany were the first countries to open the doors of their stores, the countries that Switzerland will join this week, the country to joinall four Apple stores will open

found in Zurich (2), Geneva, and Basel.

Apple's four stores in Switzerland will open its doors again starting tomorrow May 12th

And they will do so following a series of strong security policies implemented by Apple in an already open Apple store across the globe such as:

  • Focus on customer service and technical assistance.
  • Customers are encouraged to shop online.
  • Travel customers may experience delays.
  • The number of customers is limited to maintaining the established range.
  • Reduced hours.
  • The mask should be worn in the house
  • Non-contact temperature control is required before entering
  • Sample devices are regularly cleaned.
  • All Today on Apple programs are unavailable.

In the meantime, We do not know the dates of the reopening of Apple Stores found in Mexico and Spain. As for Apple-owned stores in the United States, it all indicates that the first to open their doors will be those found in Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama and Alaska. Currently, Apple's Apple Stores in Germany have opened their doors.