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Tab Sharing comes in Chrome for Android: how it works




Google Chrome for Android is a frequently updated app. The popular browser was introducing features to facilitate navigation and organization, with visible changes to tabs at the end of last year. In addition, it has been announced that tab collections would not be long in the future on Android.

This was September, but it was much slower than before, because this feature of group planning It already exists with Google Chrome on Android. Those interested in this task, which will allow browser tabs to be better organized, can now continue to use them.

Open tab editing in Chrome

This function was envisaged by the best organization of open tabs in Chrome at that time. Tabs are now displayed in the grid, so we can Create groups between them, several groups were formed with examples. When you open a group tab, you'll see that group tabs at the bottom.

New feature it is already installed in the Android version of the browser. Or it comes as a subtle or experimental task, so we have to work it out first, in order to be able to use it. The steps that must be followed to take effect are as follows:

  1. Open Chrome on your phone.
  2. In Chrome type address bar: // flags and hit on go.
  3. Search the tab groups function with the search engine.
  4. Activate the function (set to enable).
  5. Press Restart now to restart the browser.

By doing these steps you can have them a new group of browser tabs. It is possible that even if you turn this option on, it will not work out until now. Browser cache clearing is used by some users as a way to use tab editing on their phone.

This collection of tabs can be used in Chrome for Android. It's also a browser beta with Canary, its unstable type, you already have this function available, so you can use it by following the same steps in all cases and running it in the three browser versions on Android right now.





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