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test the power and battery before the presentation




If it weren't for Google's decision to cancel its I / O 2020 developer event, it's very likely that by the end of Tuesday, May 12, we would have gone to a meeting the introduction of the new Google Pixel 4a. However, rumors are now suggesting that, due to the event's cancellation, Google may have decided to delay the launch of its new event Cheap pixel until next June.

But even delaying the presentation will not stop the flow of leaks. By now, we already know its full details, which has allowed us to compare it with its biggest competitor, the new iPhone SE. We were also able to see the first photos taken with his camera And when the water seems quiet, the new video brings us closer to the Pixel 4a through preliminary tests of performance and independence.

Google Pixel 4a

They tested Pixel 4a before launch

The video in question came from the TecnoLike Plus channel, which had revealed some details of the device that Google intended to announce in early June. In it, the terminal is placed underneath different performance tests, including AnTuTu, PCMark, GFX Bench or Geekbench.

In the famous AnTuTU trial, the end you score 268,973 points, the figure is slightly higher than the 192,779 points Pixel 3a received at the time, but still lower than the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 scores.

This upgrade is due to Google's decision to grant a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor

, compatible with 6 GB of RAM and UFS storage 2.1, faster than the model based on eMMC technology that has been installed since last year. However, it is worth looking into that software that uses this device variant is far from specific, so that these statistics may differ from future tests when the terminal has been sold, and has the latest version of Android.

In addition to measuring performance, during the test it is decided to test terminal performance depending on its battery life. They are 3,080 mAh battery, The Pixel 4a looks to offer a standard effect, but far from maintaining the very best that within the same category it is possible to get 4,000 centers or up to 5,000 mAh of average. However, since the details refer to a period of intensive performance testing, the figures may not be entirely independent of what Pixel 4a can offer in "standard" use.

Does Pixel 4a require Google's Hardware division?

As we approach the offering of Google's newest terminal, it seems clear this series of inexpensive devices has found good compatibility in Google's free catalog, and the best Pixel 4a market placement may be just what Google needs.

Recent report from Information he says Pixel 4 sales were lower than those of the previous Pixel 3, while the company appeared to be satisfied with the results obtained with the Pixel 3a series models, which help to help the company gain 3% share in the US market, much closer to Three million units have been sold during its first two quarters of life.

Despite this, Google's division of devices doesn't seem to be going through its good times: the same report suggests that, earlier this year, and nearly five years later they worked at Google as a leader in the design of the Pixel device photography industry, Marc Levoy was leaving the company. Before him, he had done it Mario Querioz, head of the Pixel phone segment.

Obviously, one of the reasons why both engineers decided to leave the company was Rick Osterloh's crazy situation, the company's hardware division leader. In a sense, they make it clear that, before the introduction of Pixel 4, Osterloh was not completely satisfied for various features of devices, especially battery life.

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