Apple Apple API

Time to record. Demand is power. We all know how much it costs to operate machines in big companies. Meetings, numerous meetings, various points of view, reports, and other meetings before making any important decision.

In the battle against the coronavirus epidemic every day is calculated. Apple and Google have installed batteries. Just a few days before they reached an agreement to build a Bluetooth communication forum, and today they have announced that it will be operational in five days. Apple Bravo, and Google Bravo.

Generation recently released that Tim Cook promised European Commissioner Thierry Breton that Apple and the Google Contacts API will be effective on April 28. Yesterday Breton himself confirmed that at a press conference.

At the same press conference, Breton He also discussed other issues related to the app. According to a Reuters report, "it has urged Apple to work constructively with national health authorities to ensure that tracking requests made by national governments work on their devices."

Google and Apple announced the merger of a contact tracking platform to stop the spread of COVID-19 earlier this month.

. The program aims to help track when people are infected and to whom they are contacting. At a press conference announcing the deal, the two companies promised to be available in May.

Both companies emphasized the importance of protecting user data. For example, your contact tracking API does not collect personally identifiable information or location data. The app also protects the privacy of information. This will happen with an anonymous password that changes every 15 minutes.

Now it is only necessary that with this efficiency the governments agree create your own applications we use the data provided by Apple and Google