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The Apple Group and Google developed a COVID-19 communication tracker




Apple and Google
Many major organizations around the world have shown solidarity with the epidemic that we are currently experiencing, to the extent that those who traditionally consider themselves rivals, join forces in an effort to reduce the COVID-19 curve. For example, the star of Google and Apple is in the process of adding technology to their mobile platforms It will notify users once they have contacted people with Covid-19.

The technology that will work to monitor about a third of the world's population will be effective in tracking and becoming Available May. This was announced by Google and Apple on their official sites and their CEOs on their Twitter accounts.

Apple and Google will install tracking technology on their devices

The tracking technology that will be included in the iOS and Android apps can add mobile capabilities IPhone and Android exchanged anonymous details

through programs administered by government health authorities. Companies will also develop frameworks for public health applications to manage efficiency. These official apps will be available for users to download from their application stores.

Therefore, for the platform to work, a first phase will be developed where users must be responsible for notifying them when they are in good standing in Covid-19 and adding their information to the public health app. This way, your contacts in recent days can be passed. This time can be up to 14 days, but health agencies can impose longer periods.


In the second phase, available a few months later, both companies are adding technology directly to their operating systems, based on blue

for this tracking software to work unless you have downloaded the application. Users have to choose, but this option means more people can be included.

How will Google and Apple keep users confidential?

For weeks now, and before this merger is finalized, several commentators hold similar proposals aimed at tracking contacts, since it is a tool that gives authorities the possibility contain possible viral regeneration as people continue their normal activities. Above all, and there without the victims, there is pressure to revive economic activity around the world.

In addition to the benefits of this technology, there are those who do not cease to suggest that it is a controversial solution because it involves sharing the private health information of billions of people through mobile devices that constantly move their location. Given this fear, Google and Apple insisted that their plan protects users' privacy

and these are:

  • Permission is required and no geographic data is collected.
  • Technology will also inform users about who they are meeting with and what has happened.
  • Companies cannot see this data and all systems can be shut down if necessary.

Contact tracking technology is not the first step against Covid-19 in any of the companies. Google launched the information website in March, when Apple launched its iPhone acquisition tools, but now they are integrating the best of each as stated in a joint statement. "Solve one of the world's most pressing problems."


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