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The best apps that use a portable camera to avoid taking pictures



We can assume that the use of our smartphone camera is only for taking pictures. Mobile phones have improved considerably depending on their category of images over the years – although some devices from 2013 are facing the Huawei P40 Pro -, though it still takes a long time to reach DSLR level.

But no, the camera functionality of our mobile terminals is not the only and only for taking pictures. In the Google Play store there are many apps that use our device lenses to perform tasks such as scanning barcodes, scanning documents, translating documents, and even solving math problems. We introduced the best programs that use our cell phone camera and were not used to take pictures.

Google Lens

Google Lens

Google Lens is one of those apps that can be marked on a smartphone, but when they were tried they became important. Scan and translate texts, identify plants and animals, scan food products and much more.

Best of all, it's totally free (Like almost everything Google offers us) and it is also available on iOS so there's no reason not to install it on our smartphone.

Microsoft Translator and Google Translate

Google Translate will help Wikipedia editors translate articles

Microsoft offers us this exciting application that uses translation of text in more than 60 languages. A complete tool that doesn't require the internet to work. Translation of text, pictures and interviews. It is important.

Another great option is Google Translate, a veteran operating system similar to Microsoft. It is better to try both and each option.


Wish I had this app in my student days, surely math would have given me the best. Mathway is a fabulous app that allows Solve math problems with our smartphone camera.

Basic mathematics, algebra, trigonometry, calculations, mathematics, and even chemical problems. Its developers describe it as a private captain in the palm of our hand

, providing immediate assistance with homework anywhere, anytime. There is no reason.

Ar Ruler App – Tape Measure & Camera Editing

Of course more than once you have to measure something and unfortunately you didn't have a ruler or meter when you came close. Fortunately for us that is usually a mobile phone and that is it this device also works to measure objects.

AR Ruler is an application that uses virtual reality dislikes to measure different things with our smartphone camera. It functions as a ruler, and to measure distances, angles in fixed locations and locations. All in one app.

Without a doubt Our smartphone has become an important tool And it's more useful than making calls or texting. In addition, our device's camera is also important for other actions than taking pictures as these apps show. Which is your favorite

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