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"The clash of egos," was the team that Steve Jobs teamed up to create the iPhone




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No one doubts that Apple would not have been Apple if it had introduced the iPhone. In addition, it is possible that the smartphone you are using, whatever the product type, may not be the same if Apple did not introduce the iPhone. It is the most important tool the company has introduced in its history and is a public domain its creation and development was not easyNow an Apple co-founder of the first iPhone app spoke to the BBC & # 39; s Witness program, leaving a lot of headlines.

Andy Grignon, senior project developer, participated in the design of the original iPhone and express how difficult it has been to work with all those intellectuals, "they were chosen individually because they were the best in something“If you hadn’t been at the forefront of your career, you would not h ave been part of the project.

The first iPhone was like an iPod

IPhone developed the smartphone market based on the design that Apple still holds: it should be easy to use. However, the beginnings have not been encouraging since his inception the build was based on that of the iPod

, with its ancient click wheels. For this reason, Apple hired the team best.

The first model was "a bad thing to use," so Mr. Jobs and other Apple executives put together a team of their best employees to make the design easy to use. Each person was chosen because they were at the forefront of something. They want group A.

The original iPhone offers

Getting to the original iPhone from that first impression of "IPod makes calls" Apple put together a team made up of the best employees in each category. And something that seemed like a good idea at first turned into something of a real nightmare at times.

What happens is that when you put a team from Group A in a small room, you have a clash of egos everywhere, you have different ideas, everything is going well.

This tension within the group has increased over time and, interestingly, it was filled just before the app was revealed to the popular keybook on the original iPhone. We already know that The device introduced by Steve Jobs was far from the last genreIn addition, Steve had several prototypes for the iPhone and each was capable of performing certain tasks and in a specific sequence. It all showed that the presentation would go well, and that showed it to the team.

A humorous comment was made, and it soon turned into a battle cry. I was not happy that day, but I was shocked, especially since it will be a live game. It was a lot of fun to get used to at first, but it quickly became hard.

Original iPhone Camera

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Anyway, in the end all went well and the iPhone key was a complete success. in fact, many people rate it as "the best performance you've ever seen in person."

We spend the whole day drinking in town. It was bad, but it was good.

Of course the team that built the iPhone, despite the potential conflicts, was able to work with it create a visual app. A long time ago most of the group met and the thirteenth anniversary was introduced, without a doubt one of Apple's finest teams.


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