Surely everyone here knows what patents mean to Apple, they have thousands registered and keep registering new ones. This year we started with a short story about renderings or rather prototypes of how the foldable iPhone could be and today we are showing a patent that talks about the critical part of these supposed iPhones, The hinge.

This part is essential for this type of device to work and be functional. In any case, some competing smartphones have implemented their own hinges and they are really functional, but we already know that Apple always goes one step further and he wants it to last as long as possible


In this case, the patent application talks about a different way to close the foldable iPhone and whate is fully adapted to the device and the user. He explains that this type of hinge can also be implemented when a device needs more than one hinge to open and close, so the design of this supposed iPhone could change because of it.

The key to this type of hinged closure product is that they are as resistant as possible to the passage of time and use. That is why it is a key element in the development of these devices and in Cupertino they have several patents which demonstrate the estudies and research aimed at this component.

Surely over time we keep seeing more patents of this type or similar. The point is that with them, Apple makes sure that no one can use them for their computers and if they did, they would have to ‘go through the box’. This practice is common in Cupertino and Patenting components does not mean they have to implement them in their equipment, it’s the same as always.