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The future of MIUI is not only available on the Xiaomi mobile, there are many more




When Xiaomi was introduced, one of the main assets it owned MIUI, a graphical interface that works on top of Android but adds some improvements to the functionality and far more advanced design of the operating system at the time.

Currently MIUI is very different from what it was in the past, but it's still a central feature of Xiaomi's move. This will continue to happen in the future, but Xiaomi's software will be more important.

MIUI for watches

This is something we couldn't take for granted when Xiaomi introduced its first smart watch and Wear OS, in which MIUI's smartwatches ran, bringing MIUI to the smartphones category.

Obviously, communication between different devices has been key to the success of this strategy, and it is clear that it will be expanded in the future.

MIUI Smart Living Program

The future of MIUI is not only available on the Xiaomi mobile, there are many more

Xiaomi announced a vision for the future of MIUI in an event in China. In this view, the MIUI Smart Living program, a set of interactive solutions focused on different phases, was particularly important:

  • My Work: devices designed for the office, to work.
  • My Health: focuses on health and sports.
  • My Go: to be helpful on the go.
  • My Home: smart homes.
  • My game: world of sports.

5G, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things

In short, Xiaomi wants MIUI to be a multidisciplinary union focused on different functions. Parallel to all is that most will relate to what the company thinks are the three pillars of the future:

  • 5G.
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Internet of Things.

In these fields, Xiaomi has introduced many solutions, such as AI Kit, AI Service, Mi Pay, Mi Drop, Mi Share, Mi Account, and many others.

There will be evolution in mobile

All of this is not taking MIUI away from smartphones and that in the coming years, with the advent of wrap phones, models with multiple screens and more, MIUI will change.

We see this in other patents the company has registered with competent organizations. This does not mean that they will reach the end user like this, but it does mean that Xiaomi continues to work on improving its mobile experience.


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