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The iPhone under repair will be restored when the Apple Store reopens




IPhone-11-en Apple-Store

Leaving Apple working under repair and removing it for a few days was a common practice a few days ago, however, like many other jobs, this has changed since the closure of Apple Stores stores w orldwide due to a coronavirus problem. Recently, an Apple spokesperson reported on the status of devices left to repair

before the closing of the shopping mall.

In the quiet of users and as it makes sense in the case of Apple, we all IPhone, Mac, Apple Watch what was left can be recovered when the stores reopen, which until now and as Apple has warned in its official site, will continue until further notice.

March 14 Apple has officially closed its stores outside of China due to coronavirus problems, but remained open two days later to deliver iPhones or other devices that had been repaired. To expedite the process, e-mails were sent and customers were contacted by phone, however some were not contacted and were the ones who would have to wait until the shops reopened, it leaves any possibility of shipping or a similar solution. Sekunun has announced an Apple spokeswoman for business blessing

IPhones, Macs, Apples Watches, and other devices are trapped in the closed Apple Store for an unknown period of time.

In the early days of March, Apple had followed an order to close its Apple store, in certain cities in Italy, as part of a government announcement to prevent the virus from spreading. However, as a result of the epidemic, Apple took the same measure in several countries around the world. Originally, Apple's first line to reopen its stores was on Friday, March 27. However, due to the dire nature of the situation, on March 17 it was announced that the initiative would continue to operate. "Until something else goes on".


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