In 2018 Apple introduced the iPhone XR, a signal that receives, as usual, a series of critiques of price, screen, composition, camera … General with Apple's new device, especially when no standard release is expected. After all, the iPhone XR had all the ingredients to be a seller, and so did Apple. So much so As it did in 2018, this year the 2019 iPhone XR was the best selling tool in the market, with great difference,

Do you deserve that position among the best? Apple looks like it has hit again.

Consulting and review company Order He conducted a study that provided the following results for phone sales during 2019 worldwide:

  • IPhone XR> $ 46.3 million
  • IPhone 11> 37.3 million
  • Samsung Galaxy A10> 30.3 million
  • Samsung Galaxy A50> 24.2 million
  • Samsung Galaxy A20> 19.2 million
  • IPhone 11 Pro Max> 17.4 million
  • IPhone 8> 17.4 million
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 7> 16.4 million

Samsung's mid-range and low-end continue to be among the first, and they end up passing the company that has never made any Galaxy "S" or other "Note" at the top, While its cheap models continue to dominate, so much so that now the mid-range interior is made for a strong re-entry to find the competition.

Another brand that seems to sell more than it actually sells is Xiaomi, which bypasses the Redmi Note 7, the “most expensive” phone and among the best sellers. In countries like Spain it was a real success in campaigns like Black Friday. For now The iPhone XR and its emergence, the iPhone 11, dominate the market with an iron arm, which is why Apple will never introduce a cheap phone, because they don't need it.