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The Magic Keyboard looks like it consumes a lot of the iPad Pro battery




magical keyboard

New iPad Pro Magic Keyboard It has become an acquisition that many have come to regard as important in their tablets. With a keyboard equipped with a backlit scissor and a small trackpad, but nonetheless providing the same user experience as that of the Macbook, this supplement launched last March received much commendation, albeit with little to no criticism.

Of these, obviously, Excessive battery usage in some units is one of the most frequent complaints. Some users have reported high battery wear on the keyboard when the backlight is on, and in some cases until the Magic keyboard is found it doesn't work use never stops.

Remember that the iPad Pro's magic keyboard does not have its own battery, and uses an iPad battery, by using the Connector for this, to feed. Unfortunately, Apple does not report at any time what the average power consumption of the keyboard is, so it's impossible to know which figures are correct and which ones are rare.

Apple does not indicate the specific use of the battery for the use of the keyboard

The general idea leads us to believe that a simple backlit keyboard and trackpad should not use as much power as reported in complaints. forward there is no standard idinomine that promotes thinking about a particular cause

which produces this excessive energy consumption, according to 9to5mac reports.

Aside from the excessive battery abuse generated by the use of the new keyboard, it seems that some users are also suffering from a recurring trend Battery wear with a Magic Keyboard, though it does nothing, and they say it's still hot without use.

Magic Keyboard

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Software, Hardware or both

I don't know if the cause of battery use is this It is presented by a problem related to the iPad software itself or the hardware of one of the two components, although at least some users have a problem finding a solution from Apple.

As reported on the iPadInsight website, After comparing the performance of the first Wave Keyboard unit with Apple's replacement, it can be seen how low the battery usage is in the second

. While the first magic keyboard for battery use after 1 hour and a quarter shot up to 25% when the keyboard used a backlight with 25% power, the second unit, over the same period, had consumed only one 14% battery, which is more in line with health stats for iPad battery.

At a time when the defective unit had lost 25% of the battery, the Magnet keyboard worked well at just 14% efficiency.

How to solve this problem

The solution we can find in this case of a case like this is to request a replacement of the warranty to Apple. If we also see a problem during our first 14 days after purchase, then we're not comfortable with keyboard performance, too we may exercise our right to cancel a purchase for a refund.


Or some Apple Stores are starting to open their doors these days, many countries do not yet have Apple-operated stores, to use a guarantee or purchase withdrawal you should check Apple support.

The easiest way is to do it with your app, which we can install on your iPhone or iPad to communicate with the services. From here they will ask us what is happening and examine the causes of the malfunction. Since it is a tool under warranty, it should not take long. in making sure that they send us the unit for the return of the problem product, and they will guide us through the process of returning it.

Have you ever had trouble with your iPad Pro battery when using a magic keyboard? If so, do not hesitate to share your experience with us in the comments section.


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