This week has been the new iPhone SE of 2020, but a few weeks ago Apple introduced the the new iPad Pro, a device that wants to be a follower of the laptop we know throughout history. The iPad arrived for the first time with a dual-camera module integrated with the new LIDAR sensor that offers endless possibilities for unpleasant reality. But no he is The iPad Pro cameras are nothing compared to the ones we see on the iPhone 11, forget to take pictures with the Apple Pro (if you can) …

The review is done by the guys of The Holiday, according to these if we want compare iPad Pro cameras with another Apple device we have to go to the iPhone 8 cameras (not bad at all), the iPad Pro with the LIDAR sensor module is far from the camera module quality of the iPhone 11. To check the depth of the cameras, the iPad Pro's wide angle is about 14mm lens (compared to the iPhone's 13mm)

, and even heard 10MP compared to the 12MP iPhone 11, a sensor that gives us the same results as the 8MP iPhone 6 by providing images of up to 3680 x 2760 pixels.

All of it has to be said, this is not bad news, or obviously good, just it means the use is meant for the iPad, and no, the iPad is not intended for photography or it can sell their cameras

. The new camera module with the LIDAR sensor is designed to be used by applications to take full advantage of the new sensor. In short, let's not improve because the cameras of this new Pro are bad and see us for the good part, Apple has wanted to bring us a new smart device designed for new uses such as the new LIDAR radar that will enhance the incredible experience that the new Pro offers.