After the argument MWC cancellation It all seems to mean that this year we'll end up with some great announcements related to 5G, a new technology that many manufacturers are already installing but not Apple … Don't worry, 5G will come to the iPhone, all has come at just the right time. And it seems Not only will 5G reach the new iPhone, it is also expected that new wireless communication technology will arrive on the Apple Pro

, yes, we'll have to wait for next fall. After the jump we give you more details of this possible launch.

Well, we hope there will be a new Keynote next time In March when it was introduced with new iPads but here we will see the natural regeneration of the Apple tablet, that is new features, new designs, and new models. It is also expected that iPads launching in the month of March feature a new triple camera (and feature a new 3D sensor provided with a proven fact) that we can see on the iPhone Pro, but this will continue with the same communication we have so far. . But if we want a An iPad with 5G connection will have to wait until next fall

when Cupertino cleverly updated the models to give them 5G connectivity.

Communication is that will come thanks to a 5nm A14X chip which will have services for 6GHz mmWave networks. This new Microchip promises high speed connections at close range, to provide the best possible result in high urban areas. So there is nothing else to do but wait until October when it is expected to announce these changes to the Keynote dedicated to the iPad following the September launch where we see new iPhone models that have already installed the modem with the 5G connectivity.