Some of the best content has been shared with podcasts, in content that has grown in recent years, and that there is more and more content of any kind. It's today's radio, in fact mainstream radio programs have far more listeners on podcast medium than the traditional medium. The opportunity to carry as many programs as we want on our device, and listen to them whenever we want. In fact, we can also listen to them directly from our Apple Watch … Overcast, one of the best podcast listening apps, recently added podcast streaming support to our Apple Watch. After the jump we give you all the details.

The good thing is that we won't need our iPhone … Now we can go running alone with our Apple Watch and listen to as many podcasts as you want without having to download them before. Obviously we will need an Apple Watch with details of how this has happened since the streaming stream requires the Apple Watch to have a connection

. We can too download them before we go out, in this case the download will use Wi-Fi connection. Which is new because it will make us store the battery on our iPhone, and forget to take it while we go out to do our favorite activities that only carry the Apple Watch.

Let's remember that Overcast is a free app with the option to go to the box to activate all these extras we are talking. Worth paying the price because it gives us something new compared to other podcast apps on the market. Keep in mind that this update, which allows streaming on the Apple Watch, will allow us to download all podcasts we have already uploaded to the app.