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The Telegraph is being revived for work in pure Tinder style




Telegraph X for Android, the difference compared to the standard Telegraph

After just a few weeks of the last major re-launch of Telegal, the paper airplane messaging app releases a new version full of stories, which can only be enjoyed in Android and iOS operating systems.

In this case, Telegrams have been updated for admission many animation emojis like those that came out of the app a few months ago, in addition to a a new format for user profiles, a visual improvement, and a work known as “People Nearby 2.0” that reminds us of a specific social network.

The Telegraph is updated for Valentine's Day: all news is version 5.15

Telegraph for Android

The first of the news announced by Telegrams on its official blog contains a updates to user profiles. Now, by touching the contact's profile picture, it is possible to view photos of his profile at full size and navigate between them by touching left or right of the screen

in the cleanest Instagram style ever. In addition, at the bottom of the profile page photos and other multimedia content we share time and time again with that person.

On the other hand, the Telegraph has revived the work People Nearby it was first introduced in June last year, which in this second installment is close to Tinder format and other style apps, by allowing us to enable or disable our visibility from the app settings, so that other nearby Telegraph users can find us, or not.

Finally The Telegraph introduced a series of new healthy emojis, lots of good love during Valentine's Day.

The version 5.15 of Tragram can now be downloaded, as always, completely free on iOS and Android via the Google Play Store.


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